Yield Enhancement through Derivatives

A strategy used to generate additional returns from your current investments. This is a low risk strategy where we use sophisticated quantitative models to identify opportunities in equity derivative market, which includes equity future and option. Through these strategies, we aim to generate 8 to 15% p.a returns, So while you enjoy returns from your esisting investments, you are able to generate an additional returns without putting significant capital. If you want to invest cash then you can aim for an additional 8-8.5% per annum returns generated by putting the funds into money market funds and using the same as collateral. Thus for investors who can invest cash, they can aim to generate 15-20% per annum returns using our strategies.

We use the following parameters to identify monthly allocation of assets.


Minimum Starting Amount (for this strategy)

Investment Amount
Lumpsum Investment 1,00,000

Tax Treatment

Reduction in tax is 33%